Helpful Resources

Conscious Discipline is used at St. Luke’s Children’s Center as a whole-school solution for social-emotional learning, discipline and self-regulation. Click on the link above, as this will give you as a parent better insight to the classroom guidance that we use here in our school. There are even fun games that you and your child can play in Shubert’s home and classroom!

Jessica Flowers is our local expert in Conscious Discipline. She provides support and training for our teachers and Administrative staff. She would also be willing to provide you support at home.

Handwriting Without Tears is a program that is based on the idea that children who master handwriting are better, more creative writers. The earlier we teach children to master handwriting, the more likely they are to succeed in school, and write with speed and ease in all subjects. At St. Luke’s Children’s Center, we use fun, engaging, and developmentally appropriate instructional methods to enable children to master handwriting as an automatic and comfortable skill.

Very young children are learning through play, the active exploration of their environment, and, most importantly, through interactions with the significant adults in their lives. To know more about child development, check out  Zero to Three , a nonprofit organization founded by leading researchers in diverse disciplines focused on child development. 


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