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Monthly News 2024

May 2024

Welcome to the magical month of May! There will be a school wide focus on “Mother’s Day” and how special they are, and the meaning of “Memorial Day.”  We will have an exciting time planning as we continue to explore spring weather and the natural changes that happen during this time of the year. The children will continue the study of new growth during spring and outside life. They are sure to have fun exploring bugs, insects, and flowers as they learn fun facts. These studies will lead them to weekly visits to our garden to care for the planted flowers, fruits, or vegetables they learn about. Also, our caterpillars have arrived, and the children will enjoy this wonderful experience of the butterfly life cycle in their classroom. All explorations help to promote the necessary developmental skills for infants and toddlers. Children are never too young to learn.

Our four-year-old classes are continuing to explore insects in their natural world, pond and ocean life, learn facts about poison ivy, and transportation around the world. They are also preparing for their exciting graduation celebration in June. We are sure to miss our wonderful Dragonflies and Owls as we say farewell. It has been a wonderful journey watching them grow.

Sharon Ancrum, Director

Upcoming Events:

May 6th-10th- Teacher Appreciation Week

May 10th- Moments for Mothers

May 27th- Memorial Day- SLCC Closed

June 7th- Four-year-old Graduation Ceremony

June 10th- Summer Program begins

Mother Goose-Wednesday, May 1st the children will enjoy a visit from Mother Goose. This will be an exciting time set aside during the school morning. Mother Goose is an all-time favorite for us and sure to gain the attention of the children and staff.

Two Colored Shoes Day– On May 3rd, let’s celebrate the uniqueness and diversity of humanity, where the simple and lighthearted act of purposely wearing two different colored shoes demonstrates the courage to “take a risk” and step outside of one’s daily routine and comfort zone.

Teacher Appreciation Week- May 6th – May 10th will be a great time for parents to shower the teachers with gifts, flowers, a luncheon, extra love, and kindness to show appreciation for their hard work and dedication. The sign-up information for this event was sent out by email and posted in ProCare.

Moments for Mothers– Friday, May 10th, all mothers are invited to join us for muffins and a special coloring activity with your child at drop off to celebrate YOU!! This event will take place in the Turtles class (Parish Building).

Butterfly Exploration– Our caterpillars have arrived, and all classes will study the process of metamorphosis. We will introduce our children to a variety of literature about the process and encourage them to observe and sketch as their caterpillars change each day. After emerging, our Painted Lady Butterflies will be released in the garden area for observation and interaction.

Graduation ceremony– Our four-year-old Pre-Kindergarten Graduation Ceremony will be in the Family Life Center on Friday, June 7th at 10AM Parents of graduating students stay tuned for an invitation with information about this special event.

Important Information:

Summer Program– Our summer program will begin on Monday, June 10th – Friday, August 2nd. We will be spending time outside with water days, gardening projects, and other unique events so we are asking you to apply sunscreen and bug spray prior to your child’s arrival. Parents must send in bug spray and sunscreen to be applied as needed by staff. Please ask your child’s teacher for a medication form or pick one up in the office. We will also need extra clothes for our water days and accidents. Stay tuned for a Water Day schedule

Vacation Bible School– three years old and up are invited to join St. Luke’s Lutheran Church for their Camp Firelight VBS June 9th – 13th from 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. For more information and registration click on the link below.VBS Registration (Register by clicking this link) VBS Registration

F.I.G- We are seeking a president for our Family Involvement Group to head the 2024-2025 school year. Parents and staff may suggest candidates and join us with planning for a more detailed and exciting school year.

Easy Fundraisers- We encourage you to participate in the free Harris Teeter and Publix Partners Program to raise money for our school. Please ask the office staff for more information.

Playground- As the children continue to enjoy the wonderful playgrounds, please remind them to make safe and helpful choices.  

Safety- We need your help with keeping all children safe. Please reference to page 16 and 18 of the Parent Handbook to ensure safety measures are being followed. As always safety for all children is a priority.

Summer Shoes-Please refer to our SLCC Handbook policy listed below concerning footwear at school.  Please help us keep your children safe by honoring this policy: Due to health and safety reasons set forth by DSS, slip-on and open-toe shoes such as flip flops, “Crocs”, and sandals are NOT allowed. We recommend sneakers and tennis shoes for the safety of your child.

The History of St. Luke’s Children’s Center

St. Luke’s Children’s Center was first established as a ministry of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in 1973. During that first year, our teachers excitedly set out with 2 classes and 35 students. Their first directors, Joyce Dubis and Elizabeth Snyder, wrote, “Our goal is the development of the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually, allowing opportunity for individual attention so that each child can progress according to their own ability and develop a good self concept. Our curriculum for our children includes an open classroom situation with opportunities to grow through art, music, language experiences, field trips, health, safety, home-living and dramatic play, interest in books, math readiness, physical education, active outdoor play, sciences, and a special time for snacks and relaxation.”

Although many years have gone by since we began, and our center has grown a lot over the years, St. Luke’s goals and curriculum are not too different today than they were back at the the beginning. We are still committed to the development of the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually, and we allow our children continual opportunities for learning and growth as they create, build, investigate, and set out to discover the world around them.

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Director:Sharon Ancrum
Assistant Director of Programs:Alethea Brooks
Assistant Director of Operations:Brenda Carr