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Monthly News 2023

September Newsletter

Brain Smart Start – We have spent the first three weeks of school building relationships and making connections with each other. All of our children begin their day with a Brain Smart Start during circle time. Our Brain Smart Start include activities which welcome, connect, destress and engage children in a positive start to their day. With this foundation in place, we are ready to begin our curriculum studies, offering our children opportunities to discover and explore new concepts.

Innovations – Our infants and toddler teachers will use the curriculum guide, “Innovations: A Comprehensive Curriculum,” as a resource as they plan activities to support self-discovery in our infant and toddler program.

All About Me – All classes will begin a study titled, “All About Me.” They will focus on body parts, children’s interests, and favorites things as they play, paint, explore, and make music. The children will continue to build their classroom communities, sharing photos and information about their families and discovering their peers’ favorite things. They will also focus on emotions as they identify the different emotions on the faces of our “feeling buddies” and talk about how they feel each day.

Our four year-olds are establishing classroom commitments and procedures as they learn to work collaboratively with their peers. Their readiness focus is on name recognition, following directions, and labeling their classroom environment.

I Love You Ritual

“Twinkle twinkle, little star,”

“What a wonderful child you are!”

“With bright eyes and nice round cheeks,”

“Talented person from head to feet.”

“Twinkle twinkle, little star,”

“What a wonderful child you are!

Family Involvement Group – Our FIG president will be Ginger Arntz, and she will be sending out information so that parents will be able to get involved with fundraisers and events. Please get involved to help make this a successful year of organizing and working together.

FIG meets quarterly to promote fellowship and fun, while fundraising for our children’s school. The purpose is to raise funds outside of the annual operating costs. In the past, new playground equipment and curriculum materials have been purchased with the funds raised. Our first meeting for the new school year is TBA.

SLCC Dress Code – We recommend that you dress your child in comfortable, washable play clothes.  Dressy clothes do not always adapt well with daily school activities.  The children will have outside time unless it is raining or extreme weather (hot or cold).  Please see that your child wears adequate and appropriate clothing for outside play.

Due to health and safety reasons set forth by DSS, slip-on and open-toe shoes such as flip flops, “Crocs”, and sandals are NOT allowed. We recommend sneakers and tennis shoes for the safety of your child.

Please provide one to two Full sets of extra clothes.  (Shirt, pants, underwear, & socks) Clothes need to be labeled, in a one-gallon zip lock bag, and placed in your child’s cubby. Please ensure the clothing is seasonally appropriate. 

Fall Pictures – We will take Fall pictures on September 20th.  We have reserved this day with our photographer to accommodate everyone.  Picture proof will be provided by the photographer. More information TBA.

Grandparents Day Letters – Sunday, September 10th, is Grandparents Day. Our children and teachers will be busy writing “love notes” to their Grandparents.  We will mail our letters to our extended school family so they can receive them in time for their special day!

The History of St. Luke’s Children’s Center

St. Luke’s Children’s Center was first established as a ministry of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in 1973. During that first year, our teachers excitedly set out with 2 classes and 35 students. Their first directors, Joyce Dubis and Elizabeth Snyder, wrote, “Our goal is the development of the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually, allowing opportunity for individual attention so that each child can progress according to their own ability and develop a good self concept. Our curriculum for our children includes an open classroom situation with opportunities to grow through art, music, language experiences, field trips, health, safety, home-living and dramatic play, interest in books, math readiness, physical education, active outdoor play, sciences, and a special time for snacks and relaxation.”

Although many years have gone by since we began, and our center has grown a lot over the years, St. Luke’s goals and curriculum are not too different today than they were back at the the beginning. We are still committed to the development of the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually, and we allow our children continual opportunities for learning and growth as they create, build, investigate, and set out to discover the world around them.

Phone (843) 871-6666
Director:Sharon Ancrum
Assistant Director of Programs:Alethea Brooks
Assistant Director of Operations:Brenda Carr