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November Newsletter

As we begin the month of November, we are introducing new concepts to our children encouraging them to represent ideas and test theories. This is a good time to explore the different ways we should be thankful for our community helpers and building friendship around the campus. This month, we will consider books about being thankful for friends and share ideas of being thankful and giving. Kindness and gratitude go a long way, so we want our children to give their best representation of themselves.

This is a great time to talk about the change in seasons and why leaves change color and continue to explore the changes in the natural world around the school campus and surrounding neighborhoods.  All classes will continue to follow lesson plans, add new materials to support our children’s explorations with a focus on different themes. There are so many concepts that can be learned through interactions with discovery materials.

Thanksgiving Celebrations- Some of our classrooms will focus on being thankful while celebrating Thanksgiving on November 20th or 21st with individual classroom parties. Stay tuned for more information from your teacher.

Family Involvement Group- Our Fall Festival was a joyful event and planned just right. Everyone was excited and grateful. A huge thank you for your participation and sharing your children with SLCC.

Christmas Program- This year our three and four-year-old classes will host a Christmas Program on Friday, December 15, at 10AM.  Stay tuned for more information closer to the date.


November 1st– Early Release

November 17th– Staff Thanksgiving Luncheon

November 22nd – 24th– Thanksgiving Break (SLCC Closed)

December 15th– 3’s and 4’s Christmas Program

December 21st – 29th– Christmas Break (SLCC Closed)

January 1st– New Year Day (SLCC Closed)

The History of St. Luke’s Children’s Center

St. Luke’s Children’s Center was first established as a ministry of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church in 1973. During that first year, our teachers excitedly set out with 2 classes and 35 students. Their first directors, Joyce Dubis and Elizabeth Snyder, wrote, “Our goal is the development of the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually, allowing opportunity for individual attention so that each child can progress according to their own ability and develop a good self concept. Our curriculum for our children includes an open classroom situation with opportunities to grow through art, music, language experiences, field trips, health, safety, home-living and dramatic play, interest in books, math readiness, physical education, active outdoor play, sciences, and a special time for snacks and relaxation.”

Although many years have gone by since we began, and our center has grown a lot over the years, St. Luke’s goals and curriculum are not too different today than they were back at the the beginning. We are still committed to the development of the whole child – mentally, physically, and spiritually, and we allow our children continual opportunities for learning and growth as they create, build, investigate, and set out to discover the world around them.

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Director:Sharon Ancrum
Assistant Director of Programs:Alethea Brooks
Assistant Director of Operations:Brenda Carr