You Are Welcome at St. Luke's Lutheran Church

Welcome to long-time Lutherans, Christians from every tradition, and people new to the faith. Welcome to those who are rich or poor, satisfied or hungry, joyful or sad. Welcome to believers and questioners, and to questioning believers. Whether you are feeling like a saint or a sinner, this is a place where you are welcome to experience God’s love. This is a place where lives are made new.

As disciples of Christ seeking peace and justice in this world, St. Luke's welcomes, affirms, and includes all people into the fullness of God's love. Everyone, without exception, is invited to join this community as we worship God, grow in faith, and strive to love and serve one another. Our doors are open to you!

At St. Luke's, we practice Faith Webbing, as we intentionally engage people across all generations together in the life of faith, building up one another in the Kingdom of God. We believe that it is through relationships that the Word of God is shared with the world.

St. Luke's celebrates Milestone Ministry, where we recognize the ways in which God is with us in the milestone moments and transitions of our lives, whether they include the birth of a child, starting school, caring for an aging parent, or retiring from a job. Our community of faith looks forward to supporting you in your milestone moments of life!