St. Luke’s Children’s Center

Welcome to St. Luke’s Children’s Center

St. Luke’s Children’s Center was founded in 1973 as a ministry of St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, and started out as a Kindergarten.  From then until now, our mission has been to provide a safe, nurturing, Christian learning environment. The vision of St. Luke’s Children’s Center is to promote every child’s optimal learning and development in the physical, cognitive, emotional, and social domains by creating conditions for success and foundations upon which to build school readiness.

Our SLCC teachers and staff are continuously collaborating to develop curriculum that both supports individual growth and promotes the development of relationships between children. It is our goal to provide safe, nurturing classroom environments filled with interactive spaces for your child to be engaged intellectually through their play. We will encourage your child’s natural curiosity and desire to explore the world around them. We will foster literacy, logical thinking, social and physical development, and fine arts experiences. It is our goal for your child to have experiences that will last a lifetime. We honor and appreciate the trust you have placed in us as we care for your child each day.

Director: Sharon Ancrum
Assistant Director/Programs of the Children’s Center: Alethea Brooks
Assistant Director/Operations of The Children’s Center: Brenda Carr
Phone (843) 871-6666
Fax 1-888-371-1892