Sharing Our Stories

Luanne Farish

Luanne Farish grew up in North Carolina and became a Lutheran in 1973 in Wando. She moved with her husband, Morrison, to Summerville in 2006. They were empty nesters, looking forward to experiencing the next stage of life, and they joined St. Luke’s in 2009.

Luanne immediately became involved with the Women of the ELCA (WELCA) and loved the closeness she felt with the ladies in the circles. She served as the Grace Circle leader and eventually as the leader over all of St. Luke’s women’s circles. Luanne enjoys the annual WELCA retreat, fellowship, faith development, and mutual support they all share. She believes that inclusion and involvement are what define St. Luke’s Lutheran Church.

In 2015, Luanne’s life changed with the loss of her husband, Morrison. During that difficult time, the love of God through St. Luke’s church community and women’s circles enabled her to survive. She does not know how she would’ve coped without their support. Luanne actively returns this same care to members today. She regularly sends birthday cards, thank you notes, and notes of remembrance to shut-ins, widows, and widowers on the anniversary of their loved one’s death. She often has someone sharing holiday meals with her family, since she does not like for them to celebrate alone.

Luanne considers the St. Luke’s community her family. She feels God’s love here and is compelled to share this love by reaching out. She sees God working in our lives and people changing when they receive love and support. Providing support with a letter or telephone call makes God real to people, and this ministry to others not only brightens their lives and understanding of God’s grace, but hers as well.